Invitation: St. Andre Bessette Parish and St. Clare’s Parish New Year’s Eve Gala

Dear parishioners and friends,

Two months after our Opening Mass, we now have 350 Families registered with our Parish and are making strong progress towards building our Parish Church.  The Archdiocese is now exploring a possibility of building a church in phases.  This means that we are most likely going to build a large size parish hall which will function as our place of Sunday worship in 3 years with your continued support.

You are cordially invited to the St. Andre Bessette Parish and St. Clare’s Parish New Year’s Eve Gala.  All proceeds from the event are going directly towards the building of St. Andre Bessette Parish.  Tickets will be available before and after Sunday Masses.  If you require further information, please call or email.  Here is your invitation:

New Year's Eve Gala

May God bless you and your family as abundantly as only He can.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Peter Jae Choi
Pastor of St. Andre Bessette Parish

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