Lent is a season Fasting and Feasting

IMG_7051Winter has certainly overextended its stay for this year, and in an effort to
shift my thoughts from the cold winter weather I opened my photo album to look at a picture I took of last summer’s one warm and sunny day last summer. Sitting by the river in a park, I saw a trio of ducks gliding through the water. Perhaps they did not know that they were leaving V-shaped ripples that gently drifted to the shore, disturbing the reflection of the sun and trees above.

In a way our lives can mirror this, as on our journey through life we may not see clearly the reflections of God’s love and the blessings given to us.
This can be because we are distracted by the ripples of what society demands of us, or of what the media wants us to be.

This period of Lent is considered a time for fasting. Fasting is a way of disconnecting from society’s demands so we can focus on prayer and connecting with God to see the reflections of His Love in our lives.
Fasting also helps me appreciate the needs and suffering of many of our brothers and sisters who go without enough food. Fasting helps me to grow stronger in my relationship with God like gold tested in fire.

What are you fasting from during this Lenten season, and what does fasting mean to you?

May we persevere with life’s challenges and celebrate joyful moments with God within our hearts.