God’s Work of Redemption

We live in a society that often idolizes people and their talents while taunting unsuccessful people and labelling them as losers. I am sure you can name a few popular reality TV shows that do exactly that. This has led to a tendency we often see in our society and, perhaps, in ourselves; the tendency to take credit for our successes but blame our failures on others and the circumstances around us.

I once heard someone say that “Be Not Afraid” appears 365 times in the Bible, ascribing each day of the year to live our lives to the fullest; no matter what the outcome and without fear. We shouldn’t be afraid; not of failure or even death because Jesus won a victory over sin and death for us. We are victors! If any failures and disappointments come our way, we should embrace them as opportunities to learn life’s most valuable lesson: humility!

Instead of taking credit for our successes and talents, we should learn to thank God for the talents and abilities that were given to us by God. That is called humility! I find it almost funny that while our society often robs God of the credit He deserves and conveniently forgets and denies God, the only time society acknowledges God is through negative association. For example the words, “an act of God”, when used to describe natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes or floods or when destruction to human lives and property occurs is not “an act of God”. I strongly disagree with this description.

So, what exactly is an act of God? The beauty of this world, that God created, is an act of God. Jesus laying down His life on the Cross for us to take away the sins of the world is an act of God. Jesus rising from the dead and opening the gates of heaven for us is an act of God. And Jesus’ rescue mission to save us from sin and death is an act of God. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are both an act of God.

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