Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

The first to witness Jesus Christ’s Resurrection was Mary Magdalene. Upon having seen the Risen Lord, she ran to the disciples to share the good news and said, “I have seen the Lord.” Soon after, the disciples also saw the Risen Lord and proclaimed: “We have seen the Lord.” For us, the Easter proclamation bears testimony to our personal encounter with the Risen Lord. That very proclamation has changed the lives of so many by transforming despair, doubt, defeat and death into certainty, hope, victory and life! Christ who rose from the dead over 2000 years ago continues to be present in our lives, making us His witnesses, and also blessing us with the Newness of Life. It is our duty to proclaim the good news that Christ is Risen!

St. Andre Bessette Church

In the Easter Church, both the Catholics and the Orthodox Christians, greet one another saying: “Christ is Risen,” to which the other responds: “Truly He is Risen.” As Easter people, despair, defeat, or death do not define who we are, it is but the Lord’s Resurrection and the gift of Newness of Life that He gives us! We are Easter people and Alleluia is our song! Let us go out to the ends of the earth and proclaim: “We have seen the Lord!”

We have been journeying together with friends who have been prayerfully discerning, and preparing to receive, the gift of the Newness of Life that Jesus Christ bestows upon them in Baptism. This Easter, our congratulations go out to Victor Ramirez, Evelyn and Milyn Ng, who through baptism became children of God! Congratulations also to David Marques who has received the Sacraments of Initiation. May you always remember the special and meaningful celebration of the Easter Vigil, and may you be assured of our continuous love and support!

Thank you

A word of thanks to you, my dear parishioners, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. So often “thank you” hardly seems to suffice for what we receive from you, especially when you who give so freely and are not looking for thanks, but would prefer to remain anonymous. On behalf of all parishioners, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many hands that helped to make this Holy Week prayerful and celebratory. I would particularly like to thank the Lectors, the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, the Ushers, the Altar Servers, the Youth Group, members of Women’s Group and Knights of Columbus, and members of the Choirs who so faithfully and respectfully share with us their gifts and talents. The peace of the Risen Lord be always with you!

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