Going beyond the call of our duty

Did you know that more than a third of the food produced in the world gets uneaten and is thrown away? The troubling news is that we are progressively wasting more and more food than we ever have. In 2000, we threw away 50% more edible food than we did in the 90’s, and in the new decade, we are throwing away one third of the food produced! This amounts to over 35 million tons of perfectly edible food put in landfills this year alone!

France is trying to change this bleak reality. France just legislated a new bill that makes it illegal for Grocery stores to throw away edible food. Instead, they are to donate edible, unused food to charity or to facilities that process it into animal feed or compost. But why didn’t anyone think of this before? The answer is that of course someone did think of this before. Many people did. But there were just too many obstacles to overcome. There are food and safety inspections, and according to food safety standards, food that is still consumable but nearing its expiry date is deemed unfit to sell. And whatever is not sellable, we throw away. After all, what if the person who receives the food sues the grocery store?

St. Andre Bessette ParishBut to make a difference, we need to go beyond what the law prescribes. It is not enough that we do the bare minimum. We need to do go beyond the horizon and lift the bar higher and higher. Isn’t that the strategy we use in our business or at work? Why not apply the very same principle to our faith? Why don’t we think of doing as much as we can to show our love for God and for our neighbour?

When we read the parable of the Good Samaritan, the priest was concerned about his ritual purity as he was on his way to perform his liturgical duty, so he crossed over to the other side of the road and continued his journey. And the Levite did exactly the same. And the Good Samaritan was the only one who was unconcerned about his affairs and his safety. He stopped his journey to bandage the man who fell victim of robbery, put him on his own donkey and took him to the place of refuge. The Good Samaritan cared for him as if he was taking care of a member of his own family. Something to think about in our throw away culture, where society endorses killing of the unborn and elderly. When we forget about our origin, who the author of life is, and destiny, to be with God in His Kingdom in all eternity, life becomes cheap.

We are so accustomed to throw away culture, where something newer and better replaces the old. But we need to remember what is most valuable is what lasts forever.

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