Happy Father’s Day!

Today we begin by celebrating and honouring the men that have been entrusted by our Lord with the greatest of gifts, and equally great challenges, children.

This role of being a father, of being a father figure, is not limited to just our biological Dads or our Stepdads. There are other men that can inspire and motivate us to be the best that we can be. They are our Spiritual Fathers, and they can be our Uncles, Cousins, Grandfathers, friends, neighbours, coaches, youth group leaders, this spiritual father can be found in many men. So to all of you, Happy Father’s Day as well!

St. Andre Bessette Parish“A dad’s job is a manly and saintly undertaking. Children are fortunate if they have a father who is honest and does what is right (Proverbs 20:7). But what does it take for a man to become a saint and thus inspire his children to likewise follow his fatherly steps? The Church has been graced with a number of saintly fathers who have raised saintly kids.” Here are a few: St. Joseph and Jesus. Sts. Zachariah and John the Baptist. St. Joachim and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Blessed Louis Martin and St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

We can look to these examples, read and emulate their lives. I realize that many of us may find it daunting to live the life of a saint, but remember we are all called to be saints and more important, let us not forget that with Him, all things are possible.

“When you look at your sleeping daughter, you are confronted with a spiritual reality that you can’t deny. From the moment she was born, you sensed the awesomeness of her life, the fact that there is something mysterious and transcendent about it, that she goes beyond you and your spouse. A man can banter with his friends and colleagues about whether God exists. But a father looks at his daughter and knows.”

This quote by Meg Meeker, the author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know can be applied to both sons and daughters. God is present. He is always with us, and Dads, “You are the sacrament of Fatherhood to your children just like St. Joseph was the sacrament of Fatherhood to Jesus. Just as God used St. Joseph to form Jesus Christ in His humanity, so too does He want to use you to form your children. ‘Men, your kids will always love their mother, but they want to become just like you!’ If we are not holy ourselves, then our families will not be holy. It is that simple. God is going to speak to men, women, and children, but He is speaking especially to men to help us be His very image.” A very powerful reminder by Father Larry Richards, author of Be a Man! Becoming the Man God Created You to Be, that God speaks to us all, but on this day, and every day, He especially speaks to men, to Dads.

“When we talk about our fathers—whether we had a good father, a bad father, a close and supportive father, or a distant and unsupportive father whom we did not know at all—it doesn’t matter as much because the reality is, we all have the same Father in heaven. It’s that Father Who will bring healing to us.”

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