Western (Wailing) Wall

Western Wailing Wall

Father Peter with a young Jewish couple in front of Western Wall

Most people believe that the Wailing Wall got its name because millions of Jews cry at its foot over the destruction of the Temple. This Wall indeed is the ruin of the Temple, but its name is not related to it. Time to time the Wall gets covered with small water drops, which greatly resemble tears. Last time it “cried” in 1940. There were other times, too. Scientists still cannot explain the reason of such “crying”.

The Wailing Wall architecture is also amazing. It is made out of huge stone blocks and nothing holds them together. The structural strength is obtained through exact and careful block stacking.

selfie wailing wall

Every year tourists from all over the world leave over one million notes in the Wall’s cracks, making their petitions to God. Even such VIPs as presidents or other officials and people from other religions think it to be a useful tradition to leave a note in the Wall.

All the notes, sent to the Western Wall are removed and buried on the Mount of Olives – it is done twice a year.

wailing wall prayer

All of our Prayer Intentions.

The tradition to leave prayer notes to God dates back to 300 years. Since that time they believe that all the written down petitions placed in the Western Wall come true.

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