Palm Sunday – Front Door Palm Display

Palm Sunday

The reality is that we will not be in Church on Palm Sunday. Most people will be at home participating in Sunday Mass either on television, but hopefully live-streaming with      Fr. Peter on Instagram.

We came across a lovely idea from “The Deacon’s Bench” and thought that many of our parishioners and friends might want to take part in to publicly acknowledge this important day on our calendar.

What if everyone on Sunday, April 5th puts a branch on the door of their home or window to celebrate Palm Sunday?

It could be any green branch. This would bridge the gap felt by many due to ‘social distancing’ especially as we enter into Holy Week.

So, pick up a branch, use your imagination, this is a meaningful family activity. Hang your branch on your door or window.

Take a photo and we will post it on Palm Sunday. Email photos to:


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