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Letter of Intent:

Please print and have your child fill in the Letter of Intent.  They are to bring it to Mass as follows:

St. Cecilia CES students and students attending Public, Private and other schools November 6 & 7

St. Raphael the Archangel CES students – November 13 & 14

*Remember that you need to register for Mass in order to attend Mass.

Letter of Intent

Information Letter – St. Cecilia students

Information Letter – St. Raphael the Archangel students

Information Letter – Public, Private and other school students

Confirmation Mass Time Change Letter


It is expected that your child will practice and be prepared to recite the following prayers on the day of their Confession:

Sign of the Cross


Hail Mary

Our Father

Glory Be

Apostle’s Creed

Act of Contrition

Process for Confession

Kindly have your child review the Examination of Conscience prior to their Confession:

Examination of Conscience

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