While we are closed, we still have the day-to-day parish expenses that need to be addressed.  Therefore, if you are able to continue supporting our parish while we are closed, it would be greatly appreciated. There are a few options for you to consider:

Offertory Envelopes

Kindly drop off your Offertory envelopes in the locked mailbox on the rectory porch. (Emptied regularly)


P.A.G. Form

This online Pre-Authorized Giving form will help you set up a once-a-month donation that goes directly into the parish account. It does away with the need to bring in your Offertory Envelopes.  It helps the parish create a budget. Simply fill in the form – click submit and email your voided cheque to:
Your contribution will be withdrawn on the 20th of each month and can be modified or cancelled anytime.

Fill the Form

Download Pdf


To make a one-time credit card donation, click here


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