Pre-Authorized Giving + Authorization Form

If you would like to participate in our Pre-Authorized Giving Program (PAG):

  1. Print and complete the PAG form – simply click the link below.
  2. Attach a void cheque.
  3. Place the completed form and the void cheque into an envelope. Kindly seal your envelope and label the envelope “Parish Office – PAG”
  4. You may drop your sealed envelope into the offertory basket during Mass or you may leave it with a Parish Office Volunteer at the Welcome Desk.  Alternatively, you may drop off your sealed envelope at the Rectory (2 Barletta Drive – Grand Trunk Ave. and Barletta Dr.) during office hours or in our secured mail box.

Once the office receives your completed PAG form, we will process it.  Withdrawals from your account will commence the month following your submission.

No more having to worry about writing a cheque or quickly checking for cash as you arrive for Mass! You will still receive a box of envelopes so that you will have appropriate envelopes for special collections if you wish to contribute toward them.

Feel free to contact the parish office with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 289-553-1610 or Email:



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