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A Story shared by Chris Matthews: The Clown That Should Be King

I wanted to Thank You and Everyone in our Parish Family for all of your support and kindness.

Thank you as well to those who came to the dinner. As you know – Laura made ‘pup-cakes’ for Leo; it was so special.

We had all of Leo’s friends from Zooland and Montessori laughing as Laura and I told them all of the stories and funny things he did. AND here’s the best part – I’ve always wanted to write my own children’s story; so I’m going to try to do one for Leo.crown


“The Clown that Should be King”

If I was Prince William I would dress up like a clown when I became King and become a clown dictator ordering everyone around and say things like:

“You must do everything I say; but only if you want to…”

“You will eat your chocolate cake and you will like it! Or I will make you have Ice Cream too!”

“What kind of bumbling fool would do such a thing; make sure he does it again – that was hilarious”

 The Plan…

For the last 3 days poor Laura and I have been going nuts trying to get ‘everything’ done in time – so whenever she was panicking and freaking out I would say, “LAURA! We have to follow the plan; can we please just stick to the plan?”

Otherwise, she would start crying and say things like, “But Dad! We can’t do that now, because we have to go to Longo’s first to get the Cake Mix and Icing before you take me home to get the muffin pans and… and… and…”

“Ok, Laura,” I would say, “you’re right, we will just have to change the plan… or I guess we need a new plan…”

And then who ever happened to be with us, Laura’s God Mother or a friend or neighbour or even my mother would ask, “Why didn’t you just tell me you were going to do that now? I didn’t know that you made up a plan, we could have met you there, before you  and… and… and…”

Then at just the right moment I would say, “Because there is no plan!” Then Laura and I would burst out laughing every time because what people didn’t know was that I had told Laura that it was going to be impossible to plan anything and that we would just have to try very, very hard to get it all done, that included her ‘Pup Cakes’.

The amazing thing was that we were able to get everything done and more to make it special for Leo! Everything was perfect and went exactly the way we knew it would and had planned it, all along 😉

At the dinner reception I told many the story about Laura and our secret ‘plan’ – and then added this to the story about the ‘Clown that should be King’:

The Clown King demands to know who has the plan?

“Which plan, the new plan or the old plan?”

Oh foolish Clown and King of Plans, I guess you will have to change the plan.

“But it’s not my plan you fools, I’m a Clown King, not the real thing!” he protested. “I don’t make plans! You must make the plans and you must follow them; so I can change them before you can make them. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!”

“Oh great preposterous King of Clowns – There is NO PLAN! We never make plans, because that’s how we plan everything.”

We all had a good laugh! And cried a little too.


Thank you Chris and Matthews family for sharing your life and your faith with us. Your examples of faith and trust in God have been truly an inspiration for us all…
I once saw a giant billboard in the US that said,
“If you ever want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” 

It is true. We make plans, but God has the final say. We cannot always see what God is trying to do with, or in our lives, but let us place our trust in Him knowing that in His infinite wisdom, God does know what He is doing, and one day, we too shall know and understand.

God so love the world that He gave us His only Son (John 3:16)

Bulletin Jan 14.jpgNowhere else is God’s love for us more evident than when He sent His own Son to die for us. God loves us so much that He could not bear to see us lost to sin.

He wanted us to know the joy and blessing of being His children. Deciding to punish sin while still showing mercy, God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to become man, to bear the punishment we deserved, in order that we could be free. Now that is love!

Now that He has us as His children once again, God our Father wants to be involved in our lives on a daily basis – as any loving parent would. He wants to work powerfully within each of us daily, to heal us, to break the patterns of sin we struggle with, and to make us like Himself. He wants us to become recognizable to others as His children. It should be of great encouragement for us to know that we are not alone; we have the Lord of the entire universe as our loving Father. He will protect, guide, and lead us through each day.

The best way to come to know our Father and develop a better relationship with Him is to set time aside each day to be with Him. In this special time of prayer, we will come to see how compassionate and wise our heavenly Father truly is.

Equally important is our participation in Mass and celebrating the gift of God’s mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In short, we should take advantage of every opportunity to encounter the One who loves us most.

We can bring our needs to our Father with confidence. We can be sure that God, Who gave His own Son for the life of the world, will certainly answer us when we call out to Him.

Father, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to pay the price of my sins, so that I could be your child again. I want to know you as my Father. Help me to trust you today. Let me see the signs of your love and favour today, and let your blessing rest on my family and friends and all those I deal with today – especially those I find difficult to love.